Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy

If you have read The Outsiders by S.E Hinton you will know why this is relevant. The assignment was to write about Johnny getting beat half to death by the Soc's but in Johnny's point of view.

“Hey greaser, what are you doing walking alone? Trying to get jumped?” a Soc in a blue mustang sneers. He stops the car and four of them get out. They are twice my size. I am scared now, but I keep up my tough façade. I curse them under my breath and prepare to make a break for it. Before I have time to react three of them grab my arms and wrestle me to the ground. I can’t fight against them. I spit in the closest Soc’s face. “Dirty greaser, you are nothing but scum on the bottom of our shoes.” He lays a punch to my jaw, his ringed hand causing cuts in my skin. Pain explodes inside me. I struggle to free myself from their grasp and escape. I start to run and am tripped. All four of them jump to attack me. I hear a loud sickening crack as my rib is kicked and another as my nose is hailed by a series of punches. I let out a low groan. I can’t help it. I have never felt this kind of pain. It is the kind of pain that is unimaginable. Eventually they decide that I have had enough. Laughing, they head back to the mustang, each giving me one final kick as he walks by. I can taste the blood pooling in my mouth and I try to spit. I have absolutely no energy left. Maybe I will die… I hope so, anything to take away this ache. The lot wavers as my eyes slowly close and I drift into unconsciousness.

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