Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 15 — A fanfic

QUAKE URGENCY by Roger Rovensfeld

Quake Marine appeared in a tech base. He looked around for survivors but there were none, but then he saw a man and he was dying "Help! Quake Marine come here!" he said, dying "What is it?" Quake Marine said "There are monsters all around! Quickly you must take this shotgun"And Quake Marine took the shotgun and shot the survivor to ease his pain.
Quake Marine went down the elevator and saw zombies with guns. Quake Marine gasped and took down demons by shooting down the rocks which killed the aliens. But they missed!
"Oh no!" said Quake Marine and he switched to his super shotgun "I will avenge the death of my brother!" he said and shot down the bridge which the marines were over and they fell in and drown.
"Yes!" said Quake Marine and he walked over the bridge to reach the tech base which he was outside. But then there was a zombie dog! "Oh no zombie dogs!" said Quake Marine and he shoot the exploding barrels and they were explode taking the zombie spiders (which exploded)
Quake Marine went down the hallways and it was very creepy with monsters everywhere. Monsters popped out of vases but they were shot at and died. "We will defeat you Quake Marine!" said the monsters but they died before they could say that.
Quake Marine jumped over the slime pits and fell in. "Excrements!" said Quake Marine "I will have to use lightning gun to launch myself up into the top bridges above and escape to safety" and he shot the lightning below him and he flew up to reach the hooks above and he grabbed them. "Yes"
But suddenlly there was earth Quake, "Oh no!" shouted Quake Marine and he fell into the chasm below.
"Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Quake Marine was screaming, so he linked up with base via laptop "Base I am falling chasm!" said Quake Marine urgently "Okay" said base "What you need do is shoot hooks at walls"
Quake Marine shot hooks at walls and escaped. He was back home in his office.
"Well done Quake Marine!" said the boss.
"No problem!!" Said Quake Marine, and he turned off his computer and walked away.
He was going to start new life.

you do not even know how funny this is to me.

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